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Muyo (hello).


Kananga Presbytery is excited to share with us the formation of a new women’s organization, called “Women Presbyterian Hope of Kasai” with the help of NCP funding. Under the leadership of Maman Therese (wife of Simon Ntumba, director of the Printing Press), eighteen women representing each of the churches in Kananga Presbytery were installed and trained on Saturday, July 11. Their first task has been to form community relays to distribute leaflets throughout the city of Kananga to raise awareness of COVID-19. They also gave out leaflets to patients at the Tshikagi hospital (IMCK) and food to malnourished children at the nutritional center nearby.

Fortunately so far there have been few reported cases of COVID-19 in the area. However, they are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Parents are afraid to bring their children to clinics for measle and polio vaccines, so there is an upsurge in these diseases. Transportation is limited, causing severe food shortages. Churches continue to be closed, the weekly offerings a major source of funding for clergy and widows.

Simon Ntumba also shared with us that after several months delay because of the virus, the binding machine is finally arriving and being installed at the Printing Press office. Also, in response to some serious divisions over leadership within the CPC (Congo Presbyterian Church), they are awaiting decisions from a recent court trial in Kinshasa to settle the conflict.

They have been very concerned for us and praying about the COVID-19 situation in our own country. They also are aware of the anti-racism protests and Pastor Tshibuabua read our recent Presbytery statement and enthusiastically added his signature. They are very grateful for our support and prayers. We are exploring ways to video-conference with them using ZOOM and had one successful attempt and another scheduled for July 28. Mission co-workers Jeff and Christi Boyd continue to work from Kinshasa. Please keep them all in your prayers. And be sure to check out our Facebook page, NCP Congo Partnership and new website. Tua sakadilla! Thank you!

 Laurie Loveless, convener, NCP Congo Partnership

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