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On a recent online children's Sunday School lesson at Elkton Presbyterian Church in Elkton, MD, kids were reminded of how helping others is the best way to show God's love. They were encouraged to think of ways they could show that love towards our sister church in the Congo.


Some kids came up with the idea of making homemade necklaces which will be sold, and those profits will go directly to our sister church in the Congo to help with their piggery. Now that is showing pure love for our brothers and sisters in Christ!


What a joyous celebration! The joy of singing at Sunday School at Pastor Tshibuabua’s Dinanga church.

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.

I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands."

Psalm 63:3-4

View the video below to watch Simon open a very well-needed printer.
We will never stop assisting our Congo brothers and sisters!

The latest information from the women's missions


Wonderful news from our Congo sisters and brothers! Please congratulate Pastor Thierry Mukekua who was just elected the new Executive Presbyter of Kananga Presbytery. Pastor Tshibuabua is “passing the baton” in this picture. And congratulations to Pastor Tshibuabua on his new appointment as Coordinator of Community Development for the denomination! God is good all the time!

Pastor Tshibuabua and Simon Ntumba inspecting the new shipment of chalk for the Women’s Organization to sell to local schools

On the same day of our Presbytery meeting this Saturday, January 17, 2021, the churches in Kananga Presbytery will gather in a central church to celebrate Pastor Lazare Tshibuabua’s 25 years as Executive Secretary.

He leaves this position to begin a new one as director of

Community Development for the Congo Presbyterian Church. His successor is Pastor Thierry Mukekua, pastor of Oecumenique Church, which is Simon Ntumba’s home church and sister church with Westminster Church in Rehoboth.

We are grateful to Pastor Tshibuabua for his strong leadership in our Congo Partnership and congratulate him on his new assignment.

We also welcome Pastor Mukekua and look forward to a fruitful relationship.

May God bless their ministries.

women congo.JPG

Women receiving corn meal through a project we fund to which is the new women’s NGO in Kananga: Presbyterian Women Hope of Kasai!

New chairs were delivered this past Sunday to five churches in Kananga Presbytery out of Ignite funds. They showed their appreciation by praying for us during their worship services.


Youth Sunday was also celebrated in the Congo on June 6! Here are photos of the youth during Youth Sunday at Ecumenique church. Pastor Theirry is their pastor, and their sister church is Westminster in Rehoboth.

Our partnership between the Dover church and Bobume was celebrated in worship by Pastor Tulume and his congregation recently!

worship congo.jpg
DISTRIBUTION de livre-page-001_edited.jpg
Bible 2.JPG

Simon Ntumba (pictured on the left) recently sent these photos, and we were so glad and grateful to receive them! A pastor was preaching from the old Bible (top photo) for several years, which only had the gospel of John and Revelation. Bibles are very scarce in Tshiluba, especially these days. Simon found the Bible in the additional photos at a Catholic bookstore for $25, and gave it to this pastor. Such a wonderful blessing!

On Saturday, July 31st, Kananga Presbytery celebrated its silver (25th year) anniversary. At the worship service they gave out merit diplomas to various clergy and laity as pictured in this image!


Here is Madame Therese Ntumba (Simon’s wife) being awarded “best woman leader”. She heads the FPEK/ONG

Here is Pastor Madeleine Tshiakafua, the only ordained woman pastor in Kananga Presbytery. She led the liturgy for the anniversary celebration


Pastor Thierry sent the following photos of the joy felt by members of the sharing ceremony at the Ecumenical Parish, Oecumenique Church (Westminster/Rehoboth sister church). 140 widows and widowers were blessed by the funds sent to them for social distancing, as well as two orphans who were assisted with state exams. The widows and widowers have promised us that each time they will be able to support the New Castle Presbytery in prayer and also the Kananga Presbytery.

Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Pastor Tshibuabua and his new bride Rose as they were married this past Saturday. Pastor Tshibuabua is the former Kananga Presbytery executive director. They are both widows and we celebrate with them this new beginning in their lives. May God richly bless them with many healthy and joy-filled years together! 

thumbnail_image0 (1).jpg

Congratulations to Mireille Misenga, Simon and Therese’ Ntumba’s daughter, who successfully passed all her oral and written exams to become a medical doctor. She plans to pursue her internship at the Tshikagi hospital. They are very proud parents!

An update from our sisters and brothers in Kananga...

Dear Laurie, yesterday we distributed funds from our partners at Newcastle Presbytery to widows, poor pastors and young people in difficult situations.

Thank you very much for your help.and they are praying for you.

We traveled to Nganza to hand over the funds to the widow of the late Pastor Beya Mamba.

Once again, thank you very much.

Thierry Mukekua

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