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I take this opportunity to share with you some of the following news:

Last week, the President of DR Congo declared the end of the state of emergency due to Covid-19. But that doesn't mean the pandemic is over in Congo. The schools will be opened on August 3rd only for the final classes of primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges throughout the country. This is to allow the finalist students to complete their studies. The churches will be open on Saturday August 15th. Sunday August 16th will be a day of praise and worship.

Public places were authorized to return to their activities: bars, restaurants, major markets, football stadiums ... but a call is always launched to the respects of prevention measures.

It should be noted that there is still none of Covid-19 in Kananga. But last week, a person who has been tested positive from Kinshasa our capital of the DR Congo, instead of waiting for it to be taken care of, he preferred to bury himself and leave this city towards the center of the country. The person was chased until he was caught at 90 km from Kananga where we live. For now this man is in quarantine with 29 other people who were with him in the same vehicle during his travels.


This wanted to cause panic, but the population was called to calm and continue to respect barrier and hygienic measures....


About  my family, yesterday July 26 my dear Chantal has totalized 6 months since she was called by the Lord to his eternal home We always pray that God will strengthen us even though it is not easy to forget him.

This week there are two other big events:  July 28 is the 30th anniversary of our marriage and Wednesday 29th is the 30th anniversary of my pastoral ministry. Unfortunately Chantal is not with me and the children. May her soul Rest in peace. I have the assurance that our brothers and sisters of NCP are always praying for us.

We are waiting for to attend to our zoom call tomorrow.

Yours Christ,

Pastor Tshibuabua

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