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Our mission

We strive to build hope, relationships, and empowerment for the people of DR Congo and New Castle Presbytery through mutual respect, understanding, support, and love.


How is funding used?

All NCP funding is channeled according to three categories of need:

Immediate: seeds in the ground, nutrition, feeding prisoners, Medical IMCK (Good Shepherd Hospital), shelter, refugees, women’s missions (dyeing, soap and bread making, etc.)

Capacity building: job skills, equipment, education, vocation, peacemaking, IMCK, training pastors, building new churches, mission co-workers (Jeff and Christi Boyd)

Enterprise/income-producing: microloans, finance, macro-business, palm tree project, piggeries, IMPROKA (printing press)

Education: Primary School is free, however
General secondary school is 5$ per month

Technical secondary school is $10 per month

For primary and secondary private schools, fees vary from $20 to $25 per month.

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