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How Your Gift Is Used

Our gifts are used in various ways in Kananga (food, medical needs, home repairs). These are just some of the ways that our gifts are used to help others in the area.

Your donation WILL make a difference in the lives of our Kananga brothers and sisters in Christ.

On Congo Sunday, Elkton Presbyterian Church raised funds which were sent directly to the Kananga Presbytery.

In these photos, Pastor Muntu is joyfully displaying how those funds were used to purchase flour and other foods for the poor in their congregation.

Funds were also used to purchase and maintain a piggery, which provides food to all, as well as jobs to maintain the facilities.


Simon Ntumba shows an example of the Tshiluba bibles that have been printed in Korea and should arrive in Kinshasa in June. He thanks the Presbytery for our support!

This video is in French!

Honoré Thierry Mukekua thanks the Ignite Grant Fund for the recent distribution of several chairs throughout the Kananga Presbytery!

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