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The Kananga Presbytery

The Presbyterian Community in Congo is the most influential and important Reformed denomination in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Presbyterian denomination of the Congo started in 1891. The church suffered controversies and splits during the 1950s and 1960s. During this period the Presbyterian Community in Eastern Kasai, Presbyterian Community in Western Kasai and the Reformed Community of Presbyterians was formed.

In West Kasai the church runs 150 primary schools and 52 secondary schools in East Kasai the church has 200 primary schools. The Presbyterian Congo Community (PCC) has a printing press, bookstore and radio ministry and a Presbyterian University.

It has more than 1,250,000 members and almost 1,000 congregations with 53 presbyteries and 880 pastors and 61 evangelists.

There are official church contacts with the PC(USA) and with the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia.

(Source: Wikepedia - wording was rewritten in some sections for better understanding)

Kananga Presbytery

Members of the Kananga Presbytery who recently joined members of the New Castle Presbytery on a Zoom call
(Oct. 2020)

316 Sunday school children from all the churches in Kananga Presbytery gathered to celebrate the silver anniversary (25 years) of Kananga Presbytery! Yes, 316 children! They heard a message from Romans 12:21 on “Conquering evil with good”, and sang and played games. They ask our prayers for the children that God will bless them. 

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