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The Pandemic of 2020

Originating in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 quickly spread worldwide and is still a threat worldwide as of July 2020.

Our African countries were not immune, as they too have been affected by this devastating pandemic. The disease has killed millions of people worldwide, and sickened millions as well.

Here are ways that our brothers and sisters in Christ of the Congo have been dealing and coping with this virus. In many ways, they are adjusting in ways very similar to how those of us in the United States have adjusted our lives.


Pastor Tshibuabua (executive director of Kananga Presbytery) leading worship in his home church of Dinanga. They reopened sanctuaries for worship on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

See how joyful they are singing "The Old Rugged Cross" together!

Posted on our Facebook page, May 20, 2020

An Update on COVID-19 Response and Support to Kananga Presbytery

Outbreaks are nothing new in the Democratic Republic of Congo as they have faced Ebola and SARS. So, early on their President issued a stay-at-home order for the entire country. Consequently, to date there has been a fairly light number of COVID-19 cases: 1454 diagnoses and 61 deaths, mostly in the heavily populated area of Kinshasa. However, incidences are now rising to 100 new diagnoses a day, according to our mission co-workers Jeff and Christi Boyd, and the impact on that vulnerable nation will be devastating.

Our partners in Kananga Presbytery have also been in lockdown. And they have been taking steps to prepare in the event of the virus’ spread. Schools are closed. Worship services are cancelled. They conducted a season of prayer and fasting April 20- May 10. Aided by funds from our Presbytery and several of our churches, Simon Ntumba and his printing business have produced laminated posters and leaflets that explain personal hygiene and other safe practices, along with scripture verses to give hope and comfort, both in French and Tshiluba. Young people are being employed to distribute them throughout the region. SEPRES, the vocational training school, has purchased more hand-washing stations, soaps and disinfectants and fabric to sew masks for hospitals and homes. The hospital, IMCK, has been able to purchase more PPE. The Kananga Presbytery has distributed emergency assistance funds to pastors and widows whose income depended upon weekly worship offerings. They are broadcasting worship services on the radio. And with food prices rising, they have provided food for the most vulnerable.

The NCP Congo Partnership is working hard to support our Congo partners in their fight against COVID-19.


Here are two instances where our COVID-19 relief funds were put to good use--sewing masks for the hospital and airing a worship service over the radio. Please keep them in your prayers and reach out if you would like to help!


Twasakidila (thank you)!


The Director of IMPROKA, Simon Ntumba, using the new NCP-sponsored laminator to prepare posters for distribution to the parishes on how to avoid COVID-19.


NCP Congo Partnership COVID-19 relief funds were put to good use--sewing masks for the hospital.


NCP Congo Partnership COVID-19 relief funds were also put to good use to assist our brothers and sisters with the abilities to worship through a radio station due to the virus.

Covid handwashing stations
Covid handwashing stations 2
covid preps
covid preps 2

Preparing and protecting one another from COVID-19, including handwashing stations in as many areas as possible.

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