The NCP Congo
Partnership Is:


Building hope, relationships, and empowerment for the people of DR Congo and New Castle Presbytery through mutual respect, understanding, support, and love.

“When we come together, we rise. And in the world

we’re building, everyone rises. No one is exploited

because they’re poor or excluded because they’re weak…We have shed our false boundaries.
We can love without limits. We see ourselves in others. We see ourselves as others. That is the moment of lift”.
Melinda Gates

The NCP Congo partnership was established in 2004 with Kananga Presbytery, located in West Kasai province of central Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Currently, our team consists of 18 churches and
four new church developments.

“We love because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

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There is currently a severe Bible shortage in the Dominican Republic of Congo, caused by ongoing violence, humidity which has deteriorated Bibles, and loss of income due to COVID-19.

With Bibles in native Tshiluba language, Pastors can preach the GOOD NEWS!

Consider purchasing a Bible this Christmas season for our Congolese brothers and sisters.

Make checks payable to New Castle Presbytery, designated Congo Partnership Bibles; or pay here.

Tuasakadilla! Thank you!


Click the above link to view postcards which will be sent with each Bible purchased!